Add a GO1 activity into a Moodle course

Once a site administrator has authorised Moodle with valid GO1 credentials, teachers and course creators will be able to add GO1 course content to their Moodle courses

Step 1. Enter Moodle Course that you’d like to add a GO1 activity to.

Step 2. Select ​Course Administration​(COG Icon)

Step 3. Select ​Turn Editing On

Step 4. ​Select add an activity or resource​link within the topic that you’d like to add a GO1 activity

Step 5. From the list of activity options, select ​GO1 activity

Step 6. Give your activity a ​Name

Step 7. Choose the course you’d like to add from the GO1 content repository by clicking on the ​Open GO1 Browser Button​. This will open in a new window/tab

The GO1 Content Browser will open in a new window or browser tab

Step 8. Using the search bar, sort options and filters, search for content that you’d like to add to your Moodle Course

The language filter will default to the language of the user’s computer settings

The providers filter will list providers by in order of the most amount of content

There are a number of different activity types that can be added to your Moodle Course via the content browser. Some GO1 courses contain multiple activities. If you would like to avoid selecting courses that contain nested activities, we recommend not selecting the ‘courses’ type in the type filter

You will be able to identify the ‘type’ on the course tile. Please see the example below

Step 9. Click on the course tile to find out more about the course and add it to your Moodle Course.

Step 10. Click on the select button to add the chosen course to your Moodle Course

Step 11. You will now be navigated back to the Moodle platform to complete the setup

The selected GO1 Content ID and Selected GO1 Content Name will now be populated with details of the chosen course

The GO1 content ID is not often used, but could assist for debugging purposes if required.

Step 12. Select whether you’d like the content to open within the current window or within a new browser.

Having your course open in the current window is the recommended setting as it avoids additional pop-ups where necessary

Current Window

Current Window is the recommended display setting because it will help avoid additional pop-ups where necessary. Not all training providers support their content being played in the current window. If the current window is not supported, the system will automatically play the content in a popup.

New Window -

A new window might be necessary for some providers, or in the case where there are multiple pieces of content in a course that will open in a new window, it can also be selected for consistency

Step 13. Continue setting up your course common settings (common module settings, restrict access,tags, competencies) as required.

Step 13. Setup ​Activity Completion​Settings

The GO1 has four activity completion conditions that can be chosen from. A description of each has been listed below.

  • Do not indicate activity completion ​- completion for this activity will not be No activity completion box will appear on the Moodle course page for this activity.




  • Students must manually mark the activity as completed - ​If the user marks the course as completed from within the learning object manually, the activity completion checkbox on the course page will also be marked as completed.
    Please note, if a user ticks the activity completion box on the moodle course page, this won’t update activity completion within the learning content.
  • Students must view this activity to complete it​​- The GO1 activity will be marked as completed when the user enters the GO1 activity.

  • Students must finish the Learning Object to complete it - Whenthe GO1 Learning object is marked as completed, the GO1 activity within Moodle will also be marked as completed. This means that the user has completed all of the modules/sections/video content contained within the GO1 course.


    Step 13. Select ​Save and Display

You will now be able to view the GO1 course and interact with it.

To exit the course select the Exit Activity button in the top right hand corner.