Welcome to your online Moodle training

We’re looking forward to meeting you online!

We want to make sure you have a brilliant experience with our online training. Our trainers are experienced facilitators who are committed to delivering a first-class, valuable learning experience.

Please review the information below to ensure you can engage in the sessions successfully. We’ve included some information about how we’ll manages issues if they arise.

Starting the training

Please refer to the email we’ve sent you for the start time and GoToMeeting URL.

Training sessions and breaks

We deliver our online training in two distinct morning and afternoon sessions, with an extended break in-between. This helps ensure you don’t encounter cognitive overload from an all-day online session. Plus, you’ll have time to reflect on what you’ve learned (and catch up with colleagues or emails).

Web browser

Please ensure you can use the latest version of one of the supported web browsers below



The Administrator training requires that you have Microsoft Excel or similar software installed.

Hardware and Peripherals

Tablets or other mobile devices are not suitable for the training.

Dual monitors

If available to you, a dual monitor set up can save you switching between windows.

Monitor resolution

Minimum of 1280px x 800px or 1366px x 768px


Not required



Your training participation environment requirements

  • A reliable Internet connection that allows access to GoToMeeting.
  • A table/desk large enough for your computer and monitor(s), an A4 handout booklet and your note pad.
  • A location free from noise and distractions.

Testing GoToMeeting

Before the training it is always advantageous to test your audio equipment is working so we can begin promptly when the Session starts. If you are using the desktop app you can check the audio settings by clicking on: Choose an audio option.

Test your microphone by speaking into it

If the volume metre next to the Mic icon does not show any green bars when you speak, then it is not properly picking up sound. Use the drop-down menu to select a different microphone. If you do not see the microphone device that you are trying to use, then try unplugging it and then plugging it back in.

Test your speakers by listening for audio

To test your speakers or headset, click Sound check (desktop app) or Test your sound (web app). If the volume metre next to the Speakers icon does not show any green bars and you don’t hear any audio, then it is not properly emitting any sound. Use the drop-down menu to select different speakers. If you do not see the speaker device that you are trying to use, then try unplugging it and then plugging it back in. If you see green bars but do not hear any noise, try turning up the volume of your speakers.

Issues with your computer

The trainer may suggest some steps that you could take to resolve the issue but will not be able to assist you in troubleshooting or provide detailed technical assistance.


If you are absent from the session or late (re)joining the trainer may ask you to observe and listen until a fresh topic is commenced or there is another natural point at which you can re-engage without disrupting the experience of other participants.

Background noise

All UK participants will have received a headset with the course handout booklet to be used during the training.

Please use the headset (or your own preferred headset) throughout the training sessions so that you can hear both the trainer and fellow participants. Use of a headset also ensures that background noise that would potentially distract or degrade the experience for other participants is kept to a minimum.

Where background noise is excessive e.g. colleagues in the office, TV, keyboard noise etc. the trainer will ask if there are steps that can be taken to reduce the noise. If that’s not possible the trainer will mute your microphone, you’ll still be able to hear the trainer and other participants and interact using the GoToMeeting text chat facility.


The training is designed for participants who have an understanding of what Moodle is and their organisation’s implementation objectives.

Our trainer will attempt to answer very general questions but only to the extent that this doesn’t detract from delivery of the published programme. The administrator training requires that you have a good general understanding of Moodle course related functionality.


Unfortunately, from time to time we encounter participants who are unable to participate successfully owing to lack of skill or speed operating their computer or some other reason beyond our control.

Although we will attempt to support a participant in these circumstances, if we consider that support is having a detrimental impact on the learning experience for others we will request that the participant withdraws from the hands-on element of the training and participates through observation and discussion only.