Generic Moodle and Totara Learn Domains

What are generic domains and how to request your free domain change.

When we install your Moodle or Totara Learn site, we will set you up a generic domain to ensure you get access to your site as quick as possible!

If your organisation name is “Apex Solutions”, an example generic domain assigned to your site would be .

Once you have your chosen domain or sub-domain for your Moodle or Totara Learn site all you need to do is contact help[@] to request a domain name change and we will organise this for you.

Or if you would like to change the generic domain we have assigned to your site, we can change this for you too!

You have 12 months to use your free domain change. If you wish to change your domain more than once or outside of your first contract year, this is chargeable.

As part of the domain change process, we will request that you setup the DNS for your new domain to point to our hosting server, you can find further detail on this by reading this article here. But don’t worry our experienced engineers can support you with this if needed.

There will be downtime involved in the process of changing the domain of your Moodle or Totara Learn site, this will usually take around 1 hour, however our engineers will let you know at the point of scheduling in the work.