How can I restrict access to particular activities within courses?

Within Moodle and Totara you are able to restrict access to particular activities the types of restrictions that can be added are by date, grade or a user profile field etc.

To restrict access within Moodle and Totara navigate to the particular course you would like to restrict the access to specific activities and 'Turn Editing On'.

Below is an example on Totara (please be mindful that there are more restrict options available on Totara)

Select the activity which you would like to add the restriction to and select 'Edit' then select 'Edit Settings'

Scroll down to 'Restrict access' and select 'Add restriction'

Add the restriction, in this particular instance add the 'Date'

This setting is restricting the date that users can access this activity from.

Select 'Save and display'

Here we can see that the activity is available only from the '6 March 2022'

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