How will a student interact with the GO1 course inside Moodle

A student will interact with the GO1 course through Moodle. The student will go through the following steps to access the course

Step 1. Enter the course

Step 2. Click on the GO1 activity that you’d like to launch

Step 3. The course will now open for the student to complete. The user can now commence the course.

If a user selects the [X] button, they will be navigated to the course description if applicable the table of contents within the Learning Object. If the Learning Object contains multiple modules, the user will need to use the [X] button to return to the course description and table to contents page to start a new module and navigate between modules.

This will not close the GO1 activity and navigate them back to the Moodle course course page.

An example of a course that contains only one module

An example of a course that contains multiple modules - you can click on the next item in the course from the Overview Page:

Step 4. To exit the Learning Object, select the ​Exit Activity​button in the top right hand corner.

Activity Completion in Moodle will be awarded based on the activity completion settings that were configured by the administrator in Add a GO1 activity into a Moodle course, step 13​for this activity type.