How does PayForCourses assist with GDPR compliance?

PayForCourses Managers can export and erase personal data.

Go to: Tools.

Export Personal Data

The Export Personal Data tool can generate a (.zip ) file containing the personal data which exists about a user within your site.

Using Export Personal Data

Basic Usage

An export request is received by the PayForCourse Manager, the Export Personal Data tool uses email validation to send a user's request.

Tools -> Export Personal Data.

ExportPersonalData 4.9.6.jpg

Enter the Username or email address and click Send Request. If the Confirmation request is initiated successfully, the request will be shown in below Requester Table and Status will be changed to Pending.

ExportPersonalData 4.9.6 pending.jpg

The User will receive the following mail with subject '[<site_name>] Confirm Action: Extract Personal Data'.

A request has been made to perform the following action on your account:

Export Personal Data

To confirm this, please click on the following link:

https://<site_address>/wp-login.php? action=confirmaction&request_id=94&confirm_key=99rqZB4CcRct8JwL55Ov

You can safely ignore and delete this email if you do not want to take this action.

This email has been sent to


Privacy Manager at <site_name>


If the user clicks the link in the email they are taken to the PayForCourses site and a confirmation message is displayed.

At the same time, the Status of the Request will be changed to Confirmed, and Next Steps column shows Email Data button.

ExportPersonalData 4.9.6 confirmed.jpg

Click Email Data.
Next Steps will be changed to Email Sent.

ExportPersonalData 4.9.6 emailsent.jpg

The user will receive following mail with subject '[<site_name>] Personal Data Export'.

Your request for an export of personal data has been completed. You may
download your personal data by clicking on the link below. For privacy
and security, we will automatically delete the file on <expired_date>,
so please download it before then.


Privacy Manager at <site_name>

Note: The Download link is available for 48 hours.

If the user clicks the link, a .zip file will be downloaded that includes one index.html file.

At the same time, the Status of Request will be changed to Completed, and Next Steps displays Remove request button.

ExportPersonalData 4.9.6 completed.jpg

Click Remove request. The request will be removed.

Downloading Personal Data

You can download Personal Data from the popup menu Download Personal Data

Move mouse cursor over the Requester's mail address in the Requester Table. Download Personal Data will be displayed.

Click Download Personal Data.

ExportPersonalData 4.9.6 download.jpg

A .zip file will be downloaded that includes one index.html file. At the same time, the Status of Request will be changed to Completed, and Next Steps shows Remove request button.

Note: Personal Data can be downloaded at the Pending stage too.

Filtering Requests

You can filter requests by Status or Requester's mail address.

To Filter by Status

  • Click All, Pending, Confirmed, Failed and Completed above Requester Table.

To Filter by Requester's email address

  • Insert full or part of email address in the box above Requester Table, and Click Search Results.

Resending the email

  1. Select the checkbox of the Request for which you want to resend the email.
  2. Select Resend email from Bulk Actions dropdown box and click Apply.

Removing Requests

  1. Select checkbox of the Request that you want to remove.
  2. Select Remove from Bulk Actions dropdown box and click Apply.

Exported Personal Data

In the .zip file, contains one index.html file.

ExportPersonalData 4.9.6 indexhtml.jpg

Erasing Personal Data

Go to: Tools.

Erase Personal Data

The erasure process works in a similar way to exporting data but without the confirmation and download steps. Deleted data is permanently removed from the database. Erasure requests cannot be reversed after they have been confirmed and actioned