Why does PayForCourses look familiar?

Using best of breed components

If PayForCourses looks a little familiar, it might be because we've used popular open source components as the basis of our service.

Shopping cart, catalogue and administration

We've adapted the massively popular WooCommerce. PayForCourses is intended for selling online courses on your Moodle/Totara Learn site so we've hidden some features that just aren't needed for that so that the interface is a focused as possible. There are some options that aren't relevant that we couldn't hide or disable without affecting the upgrade path to keep WooCommerce up to date.

WooCommerce has a rich plugin ecosystem and we've used plugins that we've assessed as sustainable to enhance functionality here and there.


If you know WooCommerce, you've probably guessed that we've used WordPress to create the PayForCourses site. Again, our developers have simplified the interface to keep it focused on PayForCourses main aim.

Hey! Why can't I do all this for free?

Great question. We've used free open source software as well as some proprietary licensed software to create our PayForCourses service.

If you've the time and expertise to put together and maintain something similar at a lower cost - we salute you!