Scheduled Reports Report Source

The Scheduled report source will provide you with an overview of the Scheduled reports and will allow you to manage the Schedule Reports on your Totara site.

To locate the report source, please navigate to Site Admin>Reports>Create Report>Report Sources>Report>Scheduled reports 

By default, you will be able to view the following columns within the report source: 

  • Report name 
  • User’s Fullname 
  • Format 
  • Schedule 
  • Next schedule 
  • Last modified by  
  • Last modified time 

A ‘Scheduler actions’ column can be added which will give you options to edit and delete the scheduled report. 

Please note a user is able to delete a scheduled report by navigating to their ‘Reporting Dashboard’. However if you need to delete a scheduled report as an administrator, please use the ‘Scheduled Report Source’.  

Learner Reporting Dashboard:


Scheduled Report Source: