Using SendGrid with your LMS

Sendgrid offers a number of packages for a mail SMTP relay. For this article we have used the free account. 

Navigate to to create your SendGrid account 


SendGrid login

With the account created, select the option highlighted in Yellow above “Integrate using our web API or SMTP relay” and click start. 


SendGrid first email


Select SMTP relay when prompted.


SendGrid integration


Type a string of text into the text area for “My First API Key Name” and click “Create Key”, this will generate your SMTP password. 


API or SMTP relay


Be sure to make a note of this password in a secure location, as you will not be able to retrieve this later. 



Now navigate to https://yoursite/admin/settings.php?section=outgoingmailconfig 

to configure your SMTP settings, we recommend the following; 


SMTP settings SendGrid


Then enter the SMTP username as ‘apikey’ and the SMTP password as the Password generated earlier, then save changes. 



With the settings saved in your Moodle or Totara site, you can now select the “I’ve updated my settings” within SendGrid and click the ‘Next’ button to verify the setup. 



At this point you will want to send  a test email to verify the integration, you can do this by creating a user account on the site with a valid email address and selecting the option ‘Generate password and notify user’ to send the user an email.  


Once the account has been created click the ‘Verify integration’ button. 


SendGrid integration test


You should now receive a confirmation message within SendGrid to confirm the email has been sent. The email used for the account creation should have also received an email.