What is an SPF record and why could it be needed ?

Ensuring your emails don't get marked as spam

Because Moodle and Totara will send emails on your behalf, your more security-minded clients can mistakenly mark your emails sent from Moodle/Totara as spam.  To prevent this from occurring you'll need to add an entry to your DNS' SPF record to define the Moodle or Totara server as an authorised sender of your email.

SPF records are referred to in a couple of different ways depending on your domain host, with the most common terms being SPF Records and TXT Records.  Please see below for some guides to adding an SPF record for popular services.

If you have a valid support contract and can provide access to your domain providers portal our team can configure this on your behalf. 

To obtain the SPF record you need please contact us at support@hubkengroup.com