Totara - Certificate Templates

You can add an image to Totara to act as a custom background or to add an additional custom element for your certificates.

Adding a custom element:

  1. Click the cogwheel in the upper right-hand side of Totara to open the Administration menu
  2. Click ‘Plugins’ found under Configuration
  3. From this plugin overview, find ‘Certificate’ and click ‘Settings’
  4. Next, click ‘Upload’ in the Upload image section
  5. Add your custom element to any of the sections on this page
  6. Scroll down and click save changes

Selecting a custom element when creating your certificate in a course:

  1. When adding or editing a certificate to a course page, find the ‘Design Options’ heading
  2. Find the area you added the image to in part 5 of the above steps and from the drop-down, select your custom element