Totara Learn Branding

If you need to update your branding, you can do so via the branding settings. Read below to find what each setting changes.

Ventura theme

You can configure the Ventura theme by navigating to:

Site Administration -> Appearance -> Ventura -> Edit site brand

Edit Ventura theme – Brand


To upload an image to be used as your site’s logo in the main navigation.

Logo -> +Add to locate your logo to upload. 

Alternative text

Add the name of the site to function as a text alternative to the logo image.  This is recommended to make your site more accessible.


To upload a small icon which will display in the browser tab next to the page name. 

Favicon -> +Add

NB: The favicon image should be 16 x 16 px and in the .ico format.

Click Save.


Primary brand colour

To change the colour on interactive elements of your site, e.g. hyperlinks and buttons use the colour picker, coloured rectangle block, or enter a hex code.

Use overriding colours

To configure the colour of interactive elements in more detail enable Use overriding colours to configure the colour on the following options:


Accent colour

Set the colour of non-interactive elements such as the tab highlight line and card outlines.

More colours – Header background colour

Expand the More colours section to set the background colour of the main navigation bar at the top of the page.

More colours – Header text colour

Expand the More colours section to set the text colour of the main navigation bar at the top of the page.

More colours – Page text colour

Expand the More colours section to set the text on the site.

Click Save.


Core – Display login page image

Enable the setting to display an image of your choice on your site’s login page.  You will need to upload an image for the Login page setting.

Core – Login page

Upload an image on your site’s login page. The Display login page image setting must be enabled.

Login page -> +Add to locate your image to upload. 

When uploading a login background image, ensure the file name is "login-bg.jpg"

Login alternative text

Add a text alternative that conveys the content and function of the login image.  If the image is purely presentational, leave this field empty.

Tenant branding

If you have multitenancy enabled on your site and have multiple tenants set up, you can choose to use the default site theme or create specific themes for each tenant.

In the Tenant branding table you can see a list of all the tenants on your site, along with their unique Tenant identifier

The Branding column indicates whether each tenant is using the default Site branding or its own Custom branding.  To edit a tenant’s theme, click the pencil icon in the Actions column.

Tenant branding can customise the same level of colours as the main site brand (apart from the login page), so refer to the earlier instructions to set each Tenant's brand.