How do I set up DNS for my Moodle or Totara Learn site?

Our quick guide for Hubken clients on how to point your domain or sub-domain to your Moodle or Totara Learn site.

When you wish to use your own domain for your site, you'll need to complete a few steps before the site will be available at your domain.

DNS is a complex subject, but the good news is that if you follow the simple instructions below you don't need to understand it.

We'll provide you with all the values in yellow. Please bear in mind that your domain control panel may not look exactly like the images below.


If the URL you want to use is a sub-domain you'll need to set up a DNS entry, in the domain control panel provided by your domain's registrar.

Pointing the sub-domain 'lms' as a CNAME to ‘’.



If the URL you want to use is a domain you'll to set up a DNS entry,

Pointing ‘@’ as a Type A record to 'IP ADDRESS' and ‘www’ as a CNAME to '’.




Once the DNS records set up is complete please let your support technician know and we'll be able to complete the configuration of your site and give you access details.